THANK YOU to those who have stepped forward to help out.  We still have available opportunities.  Can you help?

We are always looking for alternate volunteers to fill in for the regularly scheduled folks who can’t work a shift.  If you’ve worked at Central Office in the past or are interested in helping out on an “as needed” basis, give us a call!

Please call Central Office 541-474-0782 and leave a message for the volunteer coordinator OR email to

Volunteers at Central Office answer the phones from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. every weekday, and Saturday by appointment. At this time these hours are subject to change.  We respect all our volunteers rights to their personal safety and choices, as well as the state and local legislation.  However, the phone will always be answered.  Please call anytime.

  • Each shift is 3 hours –
  • mornings 10am – 1pm
  • afternoons 1pm – 4pm

Central Office receives calls:

  •  From alcoholics requesting 12-Step Calls
  • From alcoholics wanting information about AA meetings or events
  • From friends or relatives of alcoholics, looking for information about AA, Al-Anon, and NA
  • From people looking for AA literature and/or meeting schedules

Additionally, Central Office volunteers sell AA approved literature (books and pamphlets), distribute free meeting lists.

We do ask that you have 6 months continuous sobriety to volunteer.

When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there – and for that I am responsible.

Interested in 12 step call service work?

Call Central Office 541-474-0782

to add your name & number to the 12 step call list!

Bill W. on General Services and the GSR

The strength of our whole AA service structure starts with the group and with the general service representative (GSR) the group elects. I cannot emphasize too strongly the GSR’s importance. 

BIG thanks to all the groups who are represented by a GSR and support them by sending them to Area assemblies.

The Central Office is collecting Big Books, 12 x 12, and Living Sober to donate the the Men's and Women's Jail, the Juvenile Detention Center, and other facilities where we can carry the message of recovery. We can only donate new soft cover book into the jails due to their restriction.